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Lantana Recovery Rehab


65 Gadsden St
Charleston SC 29401
United States


(843) 281-7964

Lantana Recovery Rehab in Charleston is a drug and alcohol rehab center. We offer outpatient rehab services for people recovering from mental issues and addiction. We offer personalized treatment options because we understand every client has varying needs during recovery. We also utilize evidence-based treatment methods, holistic approaches and experimental therapies. These therapies are designed to help our patients develop the tools necessary to overcome the challenges that they face during recovery. Additionally, we have a qualified on-staff psychiatrist who conducts a detailed analysis of each patient so as to provide the right medication. Once you stay in the program a little bit longer, you will start developing healthy coping skills and improve in the recovery process.


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Charleston most commonly refers to: Charleston, South Carolina, the largest city in the state. Charleston, West Virginia, the state capital and largest city.

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